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About R. D. Garwood, Inc.

"Better, faster, cheaper." That's the clear message from today's global market. Investors will reward only those who increase profit with growth, "business-as-usual" won't get the job done. Major paradigm shifts in how our supply chain management processes are done are a must to survive in this new millennium. Our mission for more than 30 years has been to learn "the best from the best," collecting Best Practices from leading-edge companies and helping apply these proven methods in companies such as Coca-Cola, Zebra Technologies, Tii Network Technologies and John Deere. See more information about our proven process for change.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, our team of consultants and educators conduct seminars and consult with companies from virtually every industry, large and small. Whether you've heard our name or not, R. D. Garwood, Inc. has probably touched your company in some way at various levels in your supply chain. The Garwood Excellence Team can help your company craft a solution that works! Take a look at the list of companies we have helped.

We specialize in operational processes:

»   Supply Chain Management techniques
»   Formal closed-loop supply/demand planning
»   Consulting and training with guaranteed results 
»   Implementation support to ensure your software investment yields rapid returns

Our seminars focus on proven solutions and are packed with hands-on exercises and lively, participative discussions! Learn more about the best practices of other companies, such as developing effective supply chains, new product development, integrating departmental plans, TQM, ERP, capacity management and scheduling issues.

We focus on helping your people solve their business problems, making your business an effective link in the overall supply chain. We help you craft a custom program drawing on such tools as TQM, MRP II, JIT, Lean Manufacturing, and others to help you get results ... fast! We know how to streamline the effectiveness of your business processes to reach Six Sigma performance levels. And we know what works ... and what doesn't!

Need a speaker for your company or organization? Dave Garwood speaks at corporate business meetings, to professional groups and organizations worldwide.

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