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Bills of Material: Structured for Supply Chain Excellence

Fee: Based on size and duration of class.
Call (800) 241-6653 or email us for a specific proposal.

Who Should Attend? Managers from Sales, Finance, Engineering, Purchasing, Materials, MIS, Planning and Master Schedulers.
This intensive session covers how to structure your bills of material right the first time. Key principles, techniques and steps to solve specific problems are emphasized. The class contains hands-on workshops and real-world examples from a wide variety of companies.

Attendees Learn To:
Create and maintain a single company bill of material database
Eliminate the "underground" bill of material network and informal bill practices
Avoid costly bill restructuring
Create custom bill of material views
Simplify the bills
Reduce tasks to structure and maintain the bills
Maintain 100% bill accuracy
Flatten bills to 2-3 levels
Reduce scrap and rework
Reduce inventory investment and eliminate obsolescence
Increase flexibility of bill database to support customer's changing requirements
Implement bill changes painlessly
Support multiple master scheduling techniques
Reduce re-engineering efforts

Major Topics Covered:
Minimum requirements for data quality
6 techniques to measure accuracy
5 reasons to add bill of material levels
Reducing unnecessary levels
Separating routings from bill structures
What should not be included on the bill of material
Supporting maintenance and tooling
Structuring to support the 10 key business issues
Modularizing: why, when and how?
Planning bills and configurators
Creating bills for engineered or "special" orders
Managing bill changes
3 techniques for phasing items in/out
Reducing paperwork
Engineering vs. manufacturing bills
Drawings and bills of material
Part numbering principles and item master data
Key software issues
Administrator's role
Key performance metrics
A guaranteed implementation plan!





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