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Market Aimed Products      

Market-Aimed Products (MAP)

Fee: Based on size and duration of class.
Call (800) 241-6653 or email us for a specific proposal.

Who Should Attend? Executives and leaders from Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing and Finance.

This class is taught by the people who pioneered this revolutionary new process for developing new products. MAP's hallmark is bringing the process of developing new products under control without stifling creativity.

Attendees Learn To:

Understand the marketplace
Shrink time-to-market by half
Effectively communicate on a company-wide basis during new product planning
Link new products firmly to business strategies
Launch new products without startup delays
Improve product development productivity
Eliminate costly "re's" ... redesigns, recalls, repairs
Proactively manage product margins
Ship defect-free products ... the first time!
Dramatically reduce development costs

Major Topics Covered:
Difference between customer needs and customer wants
New tools and techniques for understanding the marketplace
Strengths and weaknesses of traditional market research
Joel Barker's S-Curve: a powerful new concept for understanding change
Home runs vs. singles
5 critical product development activities
Critical elements of a product development policy
The Product Development Review Board
"Price driving cost" vs. "cost driving price"
Essential components of a product definition
Selecting the development team
Roles and responsibilities of the development team
Selecting project managers
Concurrent engineering
Cross-functional and co-located teams
The right performance measurements
Corporate learning: avoiding old mistakes
Managing product development capacity
Linking product development expenditures firmly to the company's financial planning
Getting started! 




High-Impact Supply Chain for Executives

High-Impact Supply Chain for Managers


Sales & Operations Planning (SOP)

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