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High-Impact Supply Chain for Executives

Fee: Based on size and duration of class.
Call (800) 241-6653 or email us for a specific proposal.

Who Should Attend? Chief Operating Officers, Executives from Sales, Manufacturing,
Finance, Engineering and Information Systems.

This intense session gives senior managers the specific detailed understanding they need to provide leadership for making major changes in the business. Executives will gain a clear understanding of establishing your company as an effective link in the overall supply chain.

Executives Learn To:

Grow the business profitably
Reliably predict future operating results
Increase output without more capital
Reengineer processes without layoffs
Raise and meet customer expectations faster than your competitors
Integrate functional plans to the business objectives and strategic plans
Avoid income statement and balance sheet "surprises"
Eliminate unnecessary costly, time-consuming tasks
Overcome inaccurate sales forecasts
Double inventory turns and reduce carrying costs
Slash work-in-process and cut throughput times in half
Cut costs by 30% or more
Increase flexibility and support customized product needs
Deliver 100% on time with reduced delivery lead times
Guarantee your software investment pays off!

Major Topics Covered:
Overcoming the "silo effect"
New paradigms for customer needs
Shortening time-to-market
Managing the supply/demand process
Proven 5-Step SOP process
Executive's role in SOP
Demand management up and down the supply chain
Closed-loop planning and master scheduling
Creating focus factories
Lean manufacturing techniques
Coupling planning systems with effective Kanbans
Cycle time reduction and queue elimination
Empowerment and "thinking workers"
Five steps to managing capacity
Reducing order quantities and lot sizes
The right supply chain metrics
Moving everyone to a new comfort zone
A guaranteed 90-day implementation strategy!

Supply Chain for Execs


High-Impact Supply Chain for Managers

Sales & Operations Planning (SOP)

Bills of Material

Market-Aimed Products (MAP)

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