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Sales & Operations Planning (SOP or SIOP)

Fee: Based on size and duration of class.
Call (800) 241-6653 or email us for a specific proposal.

Who Should Attend? Executives and Managers from Sales, Marketing, Finance, Engineering, IT.

This is a fast-paced session to provide executive management with a quick briefing on how to reengineer the business process to integrate with Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Engineering and Financial plans. Contains Best Practices from various companies.

Attendees Learn To:
Avoid income statement and balance sheet "surprises"
Gain better control of the business
Develop a single set of consensus plans
Reduce inventory by 30% or more
Deliver 100% on time
Reduce delivery lead time
Overcome inaccurate sales forecasts
Stabilize manufacturing schedules
Eliminate forecast errors

Major Topics Covered:
Using SOP for the annual budget
The proven 5-step SOP process
Reaching a consensus plan
Establishing product families
Roles and responsibilities for each process step
Minimizing demand variability
Revolutionary news ideas for forecasting
Spin-proofing the sales forecast
8-step demand planning process
Avoiding common forecasting problems
5 great clues about future demand
Identifying specific demand streams
Demand management roles and responsibilities
5 steps for managing capacity
Demonstrated capacity
Linking master schedules to SOP plans
Time fences
Increasing flexibility
SOP Scorecard: the right measurements
Sample SOP Meeting agendas
Executive's role in SOP
10 common SOP obstacles to avoid
A guaranteed 90-day implementation plan! 




High-Impact Supply Chain for Executives

High-Impact Supply Chain for Managers

Bills of Material

Market-Aimed Products (MAP)


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