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Dave Garwood Speaks
A Message for Business

Dave Garwood is among the business community's most sought-after speakers. For more than 30 years he has shared his wisdom, wit and insight with millions of people across the country and around the globe. A powerful, entertaining and motivating speaker, his message is delivered with style, humor and impact. And his message is crucial to business ... the importance of quality, world class performance and the need to shift paradigms in the way we run our businesses if we are to not only compete, but win in today's competitive global marketplace.

Sample Topics  ::

The Lean Supply Chain
Supply Chain Management: New Paradigms for Customers and Suppliers
Profitable Growth
Bills of Material: A Vital Cog for ERP
5 Ways to Make Your Inventory Spin
New Paradigms for Customers and Suppliers
SOP: The Driver That Makes ERP Work

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What Others are Saying  ::

" The concepts and techniques presented can be used throughout industry and are practical, non-capital-based and, at their core, easy to implement."   » Todd Hill, Grinnell-Henderson

"Thanks for your excellent session in our SRD meeting. I received numerous positive comments about your talk and several of the key concepts were referenced in our afternoon's work. For example, when we discussed the trade show issues, we were reminded by the audience on more than one occasion to
"focus on the real customer" and to differentiate between "wants and needs."    » Rick Ludolph, Executive Vice President, Justwin Technologies, Inc.

Background and Availability  ::

Dave Garwood has spoken to thousands of groups all over the world. He is founder and president of R. D. Garwood, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia and has served on both the factory floor and in the executive boardroom for more than 30 years. In heavy demand as a speaker, consultant, seminar leader, he has also appeared in two television documentaries; one with Tom Peters called "The Quality Revolution" and "Hidden Assets: Empowering America's Workers.  

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